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Protect Your Properties Against Threats Posed To You HEALTH AND PROPERTIES


Pest Control is a complicated process. It demands an advanced understanding of the biology of pests and their behavioral patterns. That's why you need the services of Etika Sihat Sdn Bhd. We have highly experienced and trained, professional pest control technicians who can help you. Our treatment covers all areas, using a wide renge of specialized equipment and environmentally friendly chemicals. This ensures that invasive methtods such as exclusion, baiting or trapping is always used as the first treatment option.


Frequently, expert help and advice are needed. Etika Sihat Sdn Bhd being the pest control specialist for over 10 years, has accumulated a wealth of knowledge and experience to help solve your problem. Your first step towards this extra help is to ask for a FREE ETIKA SIHAT CONSULTATION.


Q1. What are pests?

Pest are living thing which are detrimental to the existence of man/women.

Q2. Why are they pests?

They are pests because they and their presence are responsible for annoyance, contravention of legislations, diseases and damages

Q3. Why is there a pest infestation?

All human habitats are vulnerable to the dangers posed by pests, simply because the ingredients necessary for their survival - shelter, warmth, food and water are readily available.

Why they are unwelcome!

White ants or termites

Breed beneath you property. Seldom sleeping or resting. Once they discover your home they attack like an army.

Are dirty and carry disease that can affect humans.


Can infest food especially sugar. Some ant bites and sting cause red welts on sensitive skin.

Rat & Mice
Are very adaptable in their habits and are capable of transmiting diseases.

Are carriers of disease such as Malaria, Dengue and Japanese B Encephalitis.

Spread human and animal disease because of their frequent habit of seeking out garbage or animal manures as breeding ground.

Hornets and Wasps
Cause very painful stings which may be fatal when allergy occurs.

Moth and Silverfish
attack and damage clothes, books and curtains.

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